Helping and training teachers is our specialty! We would love to work with your school district to provide personalized, high-quality professional development plan to help with the adoption of our curriculum units.

What’s included:

  • An overview of NGSS, Ambitious Science Teaching, and our own Equity Framework
  • A walkthrough of each unit purchased
  • Science Curriculum Units
  • Video of the units in action in a real classroom
  • And much more!


We have worked with many teachers across the country!

Our curricula has been used in school districts like:

  • Highline School District, Washington
  • Renton School District, Washington
  • Academy for Urban School Leadership, Chicago, Illinois
  • Tacoma School District, Washington
  • Shoreline School District, Washington

Among others that have visited our workshops at NSTA, Starting Strong, or through PSESD!

Here are some things teachers have said about our professional development sessions:

  • “This session made science seem much more doable.”
  • “I was able to take many ideas and apply across content areas.”
  • “I am motivated and inspired”
  • “I loved going to a PD that was useful for me and relevant to first grade!”
  • “Having a current teacher as a presenter [was helpful]”
  • “I really appreciated learning about Ambitious Science Teaching. I can see lots of connections not only for science but other content areas as well.”
  • “Love the equity focus by ensuring the opportunity to learn for all students”
  • “I loved seeing lessons in real classrooms.”
  • “Presenting science instruction in a manageable and approachable manner to non-science people”

For specific inquiries, please contact us at